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Fanfic: Antidote, pairing: Dean / Casteil, AU vampire, PG/13

Author: [info] kallenparms

Title: Antidote

Fandom: Supernatural AU

Couple: Dean / Castiel

Clasificasion: Pg/13

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, everything belongs to Kripke, I take the liberty to take advantage a little bit of their names without any benefit.

Summary: In a world where vampires rule the earth, humans have become extinct, now the big companies seeking human blood substitute, but because of a coincidence, the vampire Castiel has been given the task of finding the antidote that will return them to the human condition helped by a human (Dean Winchister). Based on the tape to play Etan Hawke Daybreakers

CHAPTER 2 Species (Part 2)

- I can help & ndash ; suggested encouraging them to climb into his car. - Come on, hurry.

The blond evaluating it before the offering, the vampire before him did not seem threatening, more simulated appearance of a tax inspector with the suit jacket and beige trench coat that seemed to get it a little bigger.

- Let no more time to waste - they drank - the police are coming, coming into my car.

police sirens could be heard getting closer, overcoming their distrust of the blond vampire accept the proposal.

"Come, come," ordered the boy to his companions and they obeyed him climbing.

The blond stopped a moment and his eyes met the vampire, something in his blue eyes confirmed that he could trust him.

When everyone was inside, Castiel took off his coat and put the lab coat to cover the blood emanating from his injury just before.

asked them were quiet and active sun protection that made the crystals turn completely dark, thus preventing any view of the interior of the vehicle. He barely had time

closing the door, as the patrol arrived and parked next to it. Two uniformed men came inside her.

-Sr. You okay? - Asked with interest one of the officers inspecting the sight of the truck hit.

"Yes - certainly Castiel said - I feel fine.

Inside the car the blonde and her companions were distressed exchange of words between the vampire and the officers, the youth ran curiosity Inside the shelter, called attention to the badge that was on the passenger seat, took in his hands and studied it with interest.

Pertenecíaa his benefactor, blue-eyed under the photo could read information from the company they worked.

"the haden Laboratories, Dr. Castiel Novak, chief of hematology"

A slight grimace like a smile crept on his face from the curious.

- Did you see the occupants of the vehicle? - Questioned the same officer.

-No, actually I did not see very well.

We believe that they were human, were following the trail to where it Did they?

"If they went there - said the direction from which he came.

"Okay Mr. We retreated.

The blue-eyed nodded, stood watching as police officers in the patrol withdrew following the trail of the fugitives.

Only a despuésy moments after finding that the officers were quite far away, the blond and his companions left the car the vampire.

Castiel watched with a strange fascination, her eyes hugely open, it inspired a sense understandable, desire to protect them. Without passing word, humans began to run away from the patrol. Just before leaving blonde turned and looked into his eyes.

"Thanks - said warmly.

- Are you okay?

"Yes - answered with a faint smile - we - pointed turning around to follow his friends.

"I doubt it - shouted the vampire who would listen.

"You never know what might happen Cas - answered in the distance. Castiel

frowned puzzled blonde's response "Cas? What was that? raised his eyebrows and stared after them until they disappeared from their vision.

finally came back up to his car and returned the way home.



an hour to sunrise - the robotic voice said to enter the condominium where his small , or home.

turned on the light passing through the door, the decor was futuristic, too fríay monotonous, most of the furniture devoid of color, simulating the exception of the white steel sofa provided half of the room. He

raincoat and jacket on the rack and loosen the knot of his tie walked into the kitchen, grabbed the spray that was next to the sink and filled it with water.

Using spray in hand went to the little nursery installed on the back of the house and devoted himself to spray the plants. He was exhausted, but did for sleeping, I had several days that I could not sleep, so I used the time into something productive.

could not stop thinking about these humans, the blond was especially his attention was strong, felt sure of himself, despite the harshness that sobresalíaa the incident and be in danger was not scared, hoarse voice that contrasted with his fine features, he accepted it was an attractive man of stunning green eyes and long lashes.

-Security Alert ... front door open - the robotic voice said out of its brooding.

turned toward the door of the nursery watching impassively enter a subject for her face he recognized instantly.

- Baltasar?

-Hola Castiel – saludó quedando muy cerca del ojiazul.

-Hace tiempo que no te aparecías por aquí – reprochó de manera obtusa volviendo a sus tareas.

-Sólo han pasado unos cuantos meses – sonrió – te he traído algo

-¿Qué es? – se volvió intrigado

-¡Feliz cumpleaños hermanito! -  de la mochila que llevaba al hombro sacó una botella de vidrio y la puso frente a él

-He perdido count of the times I've turned thirty-five years - uttered listless - I do not see the event to celebrate the birthdays are unnecessary. - The smile disappeared from the lips of his brother to hear his reasoning.

"Nonsense, you're too frugal, go take a drink.

walked into the kitchen and grabbed two glasses of cut glass, I add some cubes of yarn and I hope that Castiel came to him with the bottle to be uncorked.

-human smells - said the blue-eyed and smelling the aroma away drinking.

-100% Pure - responded magnificently - is one of the benefits of serving your country.

poured the liquid into the glasses and boldly went on - it's hard to come by these days, I have heard that even the crap that you take is hard to find.

offered the full glass to your brother, but looked away and rejection with a hand movement.

"Sorry, I can not - Baltasar

looked confused" Come Castiel, you need.

"No, I do not ingest

-Vamos -

begged" Do not touch

human blood, human blood do not play ... - countered with irony - but work for a company that uses as cattle ha!

"It's not like these pose - is defended as

" If not, do not give me your regrets, you act like you're superior to us, but it's just your double standards - muttered - are working on a sort of fake blood, but you know it is based on blood real, where do you think the draw? - Castiel raging listened to every word - in the end you are also a predator ...

- is not the same, I do not hunt humans! - Screamed - that way you do

"Sure is, I find them and you take advantage of them, is it better than I do?

-Ya ... as you say - surrendered - but this is my house and here you do not drink that shit Do I understand?

took the bottle and started pulling the contents down the sink, Baltasar lunged for her and wrestled

"Do not do that - pulling his side claimed

" I told you - continued the dispute finally giving the bottle - I do not need this kind of favors, not acted against humans, if they take this blood is what he was doing.

- What the hell is wrong with you Castiel?! Would you compare yourself to feel sorry for us? Why defend both humans?

'Life deserves respect, they are living beings are creations d ...

- Whose God ...? - Launched a derisive chuckle - we do really think there is a God? But notice that you are naive. If there is a God then we must assume that you are an angel right?

- BASTA! Whether God exists or not, our survival and comfort do not have to be more important than humans, they have a right to exist ...

- of no use what you are doing, accept its extinction is inevitable!

concluded throwing the bottle against the refrigerator door burst staining with thick liquid. Angry

walked toward the exit and opened the door a being of the sub-species was upon him throwing with force causing that slammed into the wall and leaving him dazed. Castiel

ran to help him, let out the fangs and prepared to attack the abomination armed with a huge kitchen knife.

We faced the creature, but this was an extraordinary force, sniffing human blood atrásy moments that shed fought fiercely to get rid of Castiel's arms to reach the bar, where he began to spend her tongue dripping blood on the door of the appliance. Baltasar

took to get the weapon that had been hidden inside his jacket, something like a short sword. Aided by Castiel stood up and surrounded the creature sitting close attacked again, but this time ran not so lucky, Castiel I sank the large knife in the chest while taking advantage Baltasar pit and cut off his head with his sword.

The sub-species slumped in front of them with a thud. The brothers watched, Baltasar with disgust and revulsion, Castiel for his side with a mixture of sadness and shame.

After informing the authorities about the incident, a special team was commissioned to collect the body.

"The attack of this kind has doubled in recent months - said one of the detectives - two days ago a similar incident occurred two blocks from here.

A girl of the forensic team came up they carried in their hands gloved with engraved ring embedded in the interior.

"Apparently the deceased by the name of Gordon Walker - referred

- Gordon? - Ask the hematologist amazed.

"That is how I know you?

-Si, is one of my neighbors

The girl continued to report what he found - Presents wounds on his arms like a bite, we suspect that he bit the same and that fed with its own blood, that accelerates the degeneration the body is like drinking poison, the conversion of these things occurs in less than a week.

- Yuck! - Said the eldest brother to

sighed in exasperation, "If he's right - the detective agreed - for now I advise strengthen security at home. The blue-eyed nodded

even disturbed unintentionally by finishing with the existence of its neighbor. Baltasar

them dismissing him to the door and turned to talk to his brother. "I

to stay with you until you install the new security

"No need ... I can take care of myself.

"No doubt, but I would be more tranquil, well I'm not asking permission, I'll stay here and end of discussion.

now I fucked his older brother came to be responsible and to protect, when he had months without showing up and showing no signs of life, but I was too tired to segur discussion.

"Okay, whatever you want, you can stay in the guest room, you know where you are, go to sleep - suggested – yo aun tengo trabajo que hacer.

-¿Qué? ¿Enserio? De verdad hermano… eres… raro. No eres como los humanos y no eres como los de nuestra raza, creo que deberíamos clasificarte en una nueva especie – se burló.

El menor no mostró expresión alguna y se encamino hacia la sala donde comenzó a estudiar algunos informes archivados en su portátil.






No sintió the time he fell asleep, fatigue overcame him and just got carried away by him, wearing little more than an hour huddled on the couch and continue in the same position But for something pulled him out of torpor.

-Security Alert ... back door - the robotic voice said.

opened his eyes, got up and gingerly walked slowly down the hall toward the back, turned on the lights in the room and looking up found face to face with the young blonde assistant on the road.

"Hi - greeted the boy pointing to his chest with a crossbow.

- What are you doing here? - Asked without flinching - Have you come to kill me?

"No ... I'm here to ask for help - respond nervous

Castiel could now contemplate in all its glory with all that light, he could make funny freckles covering her face was part of the ma s beautiful than I remembered, but forced to concentrate and not get lost in the bright green eyes.

"We've been looking for a vampire in which

can trust - trust? - The hematologist tilt my head sideways, looking at him with a frown, as usual if not grasp any situation. The blond inspected

around, making sure that the blue-eyed he was alone, to not feel any danger, locked it to the crossbow and left to sign up. "You're

hematologist right? You can help

- "Help ... help how?

"We know that your company seeks a replacement for human blood, it could be a solution, but not a cure ... no other way.

- Cure, cures, you're talking about?

As the human response offered a card with an address written on it.

-Take - offered a smile and took her with suspicion Castiel.

The vampire looked away for a moment, turning his back to hear a noise, were only a few seconds of distraction, but when he returned his attention back to humans, it was gone. The blue-eyed he looked around and listened for the sound to hear the pulse of the intruder, but not managed to get indications of the direction taken.

fixed his attention on the card, drew a sketch on it.

"Come alone" could be read on the piece of paper.

continued ...

Note: What do you think? I take the liberty of asking them if they can get in touch with a beta they are infinitely grateful, as if any of you has to be. I would not be demanding, but rather that it was someone who had the same interest in OTP I (call Destiel or Jen / Mish) and it fits being too specific and would be great to be America, certainly would not have much trouble with idioms.


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