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Fanfic Chapter 1: Antidote, Couple: Dean / Castiel, AU vampire, pg/13,

Hi, I am here venturing to write Why this story? For that I guess I'm a bit obsessed and all I see I associate with Dean and Castiel is the first time I try to write a long fic with them as actors, I find a bit of work to catch them the exact personality boys But I feel that in this story the more they hit the real actors (Jensen / Misha).

Author: [info] kallenparms

Title: Antidote

Fandom: Supernatural AU

couple : Dean / Castiel

Clasificasion: pg/13

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, everything belongs to Kripke, I take the liberty to take advantage a little bit of their names without any benefit.

Summary: In a world where vampires rule the earth, humans have become extinct, now the big companies seeking human blood substitute, but because of a coincidence, the vampire is Castiel has given the task of finding the antidote that will return them to the human condition helped by a human (Dean Winchister). Based on the tape to play Etan Hawke Daybreakers


In a world of vampires, humans are hunted like animals and put at disposal of pharmaceutical companies to carry out the blood substitute.

Due to the near extinction of humans, the precious liquid becomes scarce, which results in lack of control the vampire population, that rushes on the streets and organized riots provided to Palamós na senior officers and forcing them to rapidly develop a replacement to keep them in good condition.

The leader of the largest pharmaceutical company in the nation (Crowley) delegated responsibility for the creation of this elixir to the best of the science teams led by hematologist Castiel Novak.

Well, this was shortie, just wanted to put a bit of background, I'm sure I'll post the first chapter on Monday, who cares to follow the story I hope will not disappoint . [info] rosahouse if you get to see this, do not worry ok, the other fic I have it as in progress, soon I'll have the first chapter.


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